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4 June 2021 KI Business Hub, Kingscote (next to Drakes Supermarket) 12pm to 4:30pm

(followed by the Yumbah Aquaculture Kangaroo Island Employment Awards: 4:30 pm till late)

Yumbah Aquaculture KI Employment Awards

Nominations have closed

Successful businesses and employees are the future of our society and our economy. Businesses that have highly-skilled employees - regardless of their role - will have more opportunity to be successful. This leads to further employment and positive gains for the Island's economy.

The Yumbah Aquaculture Kangaroo Island Business Awards gives us the opportunity to celebrate our most highly-skilled employees and the employers who support them. To acknowledge those that consistently offer exceptional customer service, and the organisations and individuals who showed their resilience and creativity, surviving one of the Island's most challenging periods in recent times.

ATEC invites you to come along to an evening of joy, acknowledgement and celebration. Arrive at 4:30 pm for nibbles and cocktails by Mini Delights (enjoy a complimentary drink on arrival), and be entertained by Olivia Baker on piano before the formalities begin.

The Hon David Pisoni MP, Minister for Innovation and Skills will announce each award winners.  We will hear briefly from our major Sponsor and the winners, all with the help of our emcee, Stephanie Wurst.

To celebrate the winners and all of our nominees please stay and continue to enjoy Mini Delights' offerings, while enjoying the sparkling vocals and the poetic grit of Cookie Baker's cool wordsmithery.

To come along & celebrate - register here!



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