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About Kangaroo Island Jobs

Kangaroo Island is facing some tremendous change with over $171m of developments planned or approved with a projected 300 associated jobs over the next 3-5 years. These projects comprise State Government, Local Government and private sector developments. In addition to these developments there will be flow on benefits emerging for local businesses on the island and services.

The Department of State Development (DSD) through the Jobs First Employment Projects (JFEP) program is working in partnership with the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island and Adelaide Training & Employment Centre (ATEC) as the grantee to assist the Kangaroo Island to reap the benefits of this change.

Kangaroo Island Jobs is one part of a range of activities that will take place this year specifically designed for jobseekers and industry.

The Kangaroo Island Jobs website will be a single point of contact to:

  • Support businesses to employ Kangaroo Island people looking for work
  • Connect jobseekers with existing skill sets to "ready made" opportunities
  • Identify relevant training programs and coordinate a response to identified skill needs
  • Make contact with relevant referral agencies to identify and select jobseekers for entry into training programs linked to job opportunities.

Apart from the Kangaroo Island Jobs website, the Kangaroo Island - Workforce Development Project will:

  • Operate strategically, providing a communication platform between industry and DSD that informs resourcing and planning to meet labour force needs
  • Secure cross Government collaboration with business in a workforce development context
  • Engage and collaborate with Registered Training Organisations developing a presence in the community
  • Facilitate and seek funding where such can contribute to employment and/or training needs of industry on KI
  • Manage and report on employment outcomes achieved through the project and its partners efforts

For more information and to be connected to the project Contact or email

Cathie Tydeman, Workforce Coordinator 0400 333 107  E: cathiet@atec.asn.au


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